Monday, April 09, 2018

Southeast Alaska Purse Seine Salmon Capacity Reduction “Buyback”

Southeast Alaska Purse Seine Salmon Capacity Reduction “Buyback”

The Southeast Revitalization Association (“SRA”) has elected to conduct a new round of bidding. The bidding will be conducted consistent with the final federal rule (50 CFR 600.1107). The bid documents are nearly identical to those used in the prior rounds of bidding. The packets are going in the mail April 9, 2018, and should be received within a week. The mailing labels come directly from the CFEC database, so that is the address they will go to. If you believe you should receive a packet and have not in the next 10-days, you can contact the SRA Manager Robert Kehoe at 888-284-7733. Bids are due to the Juneau accounting firm by May 18th. The SRA Board will meet shortly after the bids have been tabulated to accept or reject any of the bids. Permit holders who submit bids are free to fish this summer. If a bid is accepted, the permit cannot be transferred or sold during the referendum period.
 You can contact the SRA manager or SEAS (907-220-7630) if you have any questions.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


SEAS/USAG BOF 2018 Agreement Summary

Hawk Inlet
USAG Proposal 157 was amended to remove all Amalga sockeye from counting in 15,000 Hawk Inlet cap and the time period was shortened to through July 22nd only.
Effective 2018-2020
SEAS pulled - 155, USAG pulled 156, both agree to oppose 158

Additional Opportunity Common property and Terminal

Additional Gillnet Opportunity D2, D6, D10 - USAG pulled (154, 169, 170)
THA rotational changes SEAS pulled (140, 143, 145, and 153)

Terminal Rotation changes-
Deep Inlet                                          Anita Bay
2018  1:2 G/S                                      2018  1:1 G/S
2019  1:1                                             2019  1:1
2020  1:1                                             2020  1:1

New THA Areas
SEAS agrees to not oppose 139 SE Cove and 150 Crawfish language to include Gillnet

Both agreed to oppose
    142 NSRAA Deep Inlet proposals
                146 Enhanced allocation plan removing DIPAC from value
                167 Closing waters in D12 D14 past ½ mile of the shoreline due to sockeye concerns
                168 Closing waters in D12 D14 due to king salmon concerns

                166 Creating an index fishery in D12