Tuesday, April 25, 2006

last week really.... April 25th

Fellow SE seiners and other Alaskan salmon fishermen who really care about their fishery:

We're in the last week of achieving some measured change if we are able to pass hb218, which would allow a hatchery board to change cost recovery to an assessment system. This would be the most significant change to a system that has been embedded into the conventional wisdom of hatchery norms that it's been a tough nut to discuss, much less crack.

hb484, which would get us a short term fix for the optimum number riddle in the CFEC statutes, is up in Senate Resources tomorrow, Wednesday, April 26th.

stay in tune...

session ends May 9th, but in reality we must have hb218 passed by Senate Finance by very early next week in order to have a chance at passage.


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