Saturday, April 15, 2006

re: Trident- OBSI deal

What can one say? Certainly we'd like to see that adjustment from last year on pinks from both ABSI and Trident. But it's certainly also a sweet alternative to the way the last major left their plants in SE.
HB484 made it through Resources and is on the way to House Finance.
HB218 is in Senate Resources tomorrow, Friday, April 7th, and we hope to see it get a ticket to Senate Finance. We'll need your help there. and as well as are key over there. as well is important and SEAS has supported his campaigns very enthusiastically, especially the current one. (and phone (907)465-3873) is key on the Senate Finance Committee. The remaining members on the committee are and
HB218 is responsible legislation to help commercial fishermenKeep the faith.

Hope some of you are lining up on herring and some on longlining and what not.
HB484 is being taken up in Chairman Thomas' House Fisheries Committee this wednesday. Thanks to those of you who are being active and writing when we need it. We're probably good in this committee but may need some letters of support by House Resources. We'll let you know. Representative Peggy Wilson, R-Wrangell, is our sponsor on the House side. Over on the Senate side it's the Resources committee with the companion bill SB296.
Right now we could still use support for HB218 to Senator Stedman-- through March 25th or so.
Missed Commfish. Debate was great, though. Heard it on the radio here in Juneau. Sylvi says Binkley won it.
Sounds like several newer buyers around southeast this summer. Guys switching markets, getting poached from A-list markets as well. Probably have buyers all over and then no fish. Just kidding. How could anyone joke about something like that? The Fed's have alot lower numbers than the state. We'll see how humpies spawn successfully after holding out in saltwater estuaries for a month longer than usual......
I really don't totally know how this thing works so sorry if it comes up wrong. I also can't seem to get comments. Thanks to Jason Miller with the comment early on. I won't ID other comment folks unless you don't mind.
Have a pleasant day and I'll try to update this again before weeks end.

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