Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What does SEAS do???

Gotta let you in on a little-known secret. SEAS has been in the middle of leadership in the future of our fisheries in this state for quite some time. SEAS former Executive Directors include current ADFG Deputy Commissioner David Bedford, Icicle VP Kris Noroscz, past MSC N. America director and current leading Alaskan environmentalist Kate Troll, current SE Stevedoring rep Cliff Skillings, current ASMI board member and past PSC Commissioner Bruce Wallace, and last but not least, vastly underpaid but overperforming Mr. John Peckham. Now throw in a few SEAS Presidents like John Kristovich and Jim Bacon- current Alternate Commissioner to the PSC and also past UFA President.....

In any event, what SEAS Exec. Director since April, 2003... yup, it's actually been 3 years and they still haven't fired me.... has been up to is nothing more, nothing less, than what would have been the grist to grind for any of these other Exec. Directors had this been their time at the end of the broom that tries to sweep our agenda forward.

You've got a board of directors that is exceptional in geographics, demographics, age, whatever.
3 rep's from Petersburg, 1 from Sitka, 4 from Ketchikan, 2 from Bellingham, 1 from Mt. Vernon, 1 from Carnation and 1 from Seattle. If there is an issue about the direction of SEAS and you either are or wish to be a member, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Office # is best right now at (907)463-5030.

Oh. The person spearheading the charge on HB484, in Senate Resources today, the 26th, is none other than Jason Miller's aunt, **my apologies, but her name is escaping me just now** which would make her Jim's sister, would it not? She, along with Jean Ellis, are the unsung heroes for this essential fleet consolidation legislation.
Thank you to all the staff at Representative Wilson's office.

Bob Thorstenson, Jr.
SEAS Executive Director


  1. BobbyT,

    My aunt's name is Linda Miller.

    I'm glad to see the Bill is moving along and accomplishing the needs of SEAS regarding the CFEC issues.

    What is the status of buyback program presently?

    Jason Miller

  2. the buyback program is set for this coming winter. we should get it done by the summer of 2007.

    we've got $4 million and there is $2-3 million more in grants coming along with $18 million in loans