Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wilson and Thomas Bills up this week.

HB218, the Cost Recovery Reform Bill, is up in Senate Finance Monday, May 2nd....

Although there are a couple amendments offered by Stedman that make it a bit tougher to accomplish our objectives, I think we can live with them. So once we get through Senate Finance, as we hopefully will, Senator John Cowdery, the Rules Chair, can schedule the bill and then send it back to the House for concurrence as there were several minor changes made on the Senate side.

HB484 came through nicely in Senate Resources with overwhelming support and therefore should suffer no harm in Senate Finance providing there is time in the Committee in the middle of this week. Senate Finance should be on 24 hour notice currently.

Thanks to those of you who support SEAS and to those of you who don't seine in SE, please support UFA and your local group, whomever that may be.

Good Day.


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