Sunday, May 07, 2006

HB218 Awaits transmittal to Governor

HB218 got over to the House today where they concurred with the Senate amendments and HB218 now awaits transmittal to the Governor, where we can be certain that it will be signed into law. So great job guys. Way to move some legislation with great potential to help commercial salmon fishermen in Alaska.

Take a moment when you have time to check out HB218, the Cost Recovery Assessment Fisheries legislation.

HB484 is in 3rd reading on the Senate floor tomorrow, May 7th, so we should be able to get concurrence out of the House and get that one ready soon as well, hopefully.
At least hopefully before 12 midnite on May 9th, the end of regular session.

Again, a couple of steps left for HB484, but we're in on 218 so it's time to start thinking about discussions with NSRAA and how Pete and Steve and the NSRAA board believes we can best accomplish something together to make some of our enhancement location fisheries better for both the hatchery and the fleet. The SEAS board was initially considering Hidden Falls as a great spot to look at using this legislation.

And if we can get HB484 it will certainly be a big boost to our fleet consolidation program and will provide the momentum to get us over the finish line on the federal side of the program.
We worked hard with CFEC on this legislation and CFEC, along with ADFG, is going to be there with us, working on the fleet consolidation program....

Cross your fingers. We should come out of this session with some progressive legislation that will leave us with a blueprint of progressively improved efficiency, management and regulation for our fishery and industry. In the end this should play itself out to be a more stable economic environment for our fishermen. At times it seems like we never get ahead, or at least stay ahead, but we're trying to pull out all the stops and work all the angles and options we can. If you're a SEAS member or even just a concerned fisherman or business owner in the SEAS economic or political arena, give a shout, #'s 463-5030 in our Juneau office.

It's not completely fenced in yet, but let lay out some of the more obvious SEAS activities for 2006-2008.

Work with ADFG to continue to maintain access when abundance warrants
Further participation in USDA programs(2006-forever)
Pacific Salmon Treaty renegotiations (2006-2008)
Salmon Marketing, Transportation and Infrastructure Funding(2006-2008)
Working with NSRAA to implement hb218 (2006-2008)
Completing the last $3 million of $7 million in total grants(2006)
Completing legislation authorizing the $18 million NMFS loan(2006)
Finishing up the vote and paying for the bought back permits (spring, 2007)
Helping shape the course of leadership in Alaska (2006 Gov. Leg. elections)

There's more and more and more but you get the drift.
Nonetheless, if you have a great idea, like the guys pounding on fuel subsidies, or anything, give a call, leave a message, get ahold of me or whatever.


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