Tuesday, May 09, 2006

HB484 Awaits Transmittal To Governor

HB484 got its concurrence from the House today, the last day of the regular session. So we're good to go, with 10 hours left in the session.

Representative Wilson did a great job for us.

So SEAS got 2 very important bills through this session, plus another UFA bill, HB251, that deals with permit stacking and gives the board authority to do some stacking in those parts of the state that want it. HB218 is going to take alot of thinking and alot of work.

HB484 helps us with the risk associated with putting up all that money for the buyback.
Now we have an assurance that if there is a day when more of those permits get put back into the fishery, we have a 30 year window to get that money back that we invested.

Good day.


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