Friday, May 05, 2006

HB484 passes Senate Finance

HB484, Fishery Association Reimbursement, passed through Senate Finance today. There is a 30 year time limit from the date of the loan that was added as an amendment in Senate Finance as well today so the bill will have to go back to the House for concurrence when and if it first passes on the Senate floor.

HB218, the Cost Recovery Bill, is up on the Senate floor today. We don't expect any trouble, so if it passes through 3rd reading, which is today, then it too goes to the House for concurrence as there were amendments in both Resources and Finance on the Senate side.

Although something could go wrong, it is unlikely as we have an incredible ally in the Senate Rules Chairman and of course the full weight of support coming from both the bills major sponsors, Bill Thomas of hb218, and Peggy Wilson of hb484. Also thanks to the staff who helped out, primarily Ian Fisk from Thomas' office and Jean Ellis and Linda Miller(finally got it right) from Wilson's office. The Governor's office helped as well with Mr. Austerman, ADFG Commissioner McKie Campbell and CommissionerFrank Homan from CFEC. And the department of Revenue sent Mr. Tim Cottongim to deal with any implications of hb218, and he worked well with us.

Thanks also to UFA also who pitched in with Mark and Jerry.
And to those UFA member groups, you know who you are, who pitched in as well.
Now mind you this isn't over until it's over but we've at least got both bills through committee and I doubt there is much opposition and since the Senate has already voted on hb484 7-0 and 6-1 in both the Resource and Finance Committees respectively. hb218 didn't have nearly as much widespread support but shouldn't see much opposition neither.

Thanks to those of you who sent in correspondence to your Rep's and Senators.
This is really how the process works, not just some stories about slippery halls and downtown deals. You formulate an idea through an organization like SEAS, bring the idea to the halls of the legislature, and work with drafters and staff and legislators to refine it so that it's legal and fits SEAS purpose within the confines of the regulatory and statutory provisions of the state of Alaska.


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