Friday, July 14, 2006

mid-July salmon blues


This is the time of year when you wonder if your run is going to come in.
Then if and when it does, how and how much are we going to get paid.
Not quite like longlining anymore but we're trying to get the market back for pinks and chums along with all the other salmon species.

One thing you can be sure of, however.
The whacko fish bloggers will be on here all summer because they are not fishermen.

SEAS, like UFA and other sister and brother fishermen's organizations across the state, is going to do all it can in it's power to help enable you to power your salmon fishing business. Both when you are at home and when you are fishing. This is what we exist to do.

Since 1968. Not just last year when someone gave me a laptop to keep me off foodstamps.
And SEAS has nothing to do with the temporary personality of it's ED. SEAS was here 18 years before I became a member and 35 years before those guys hired me. And SEAS will be here long after I am gone. SEAS is about fishermen period and nothing more nothing less.

It's interesting what the gossip columnists can throw out there, like "leadership" in fishermen's organizations. All of our board members and officers are all voted on, except for where at SEAS, I'm an executive director and I'm hired.

All the blogger poop-scoopers out there from Oregon and Washington state don't even have a fishing operation so they cannot even become eligible for UFA or SEAS membership unless someone hires them and gives them a job representing fishermen rather than ripping our leadership. Leaders don't become such unless they are chosen by those who are likeminded.

So, as always, remember. What you read on here you can take to the bank.
What you read on other blogs you cannot.

It's that simple. Ask them when the last time they helped you get a TAA check ($10,000 for most SEAS members, $20,000 for some). Marketing money to raise salmon ex-vessel prices($36 million since 2003). A Pacific Salmon Treaty that we can live with. And so on and so on.

The lies and deceit are out there but think of what can really be done for you and your fishing business and community and you come to one option. SEAS for SE seiners, and UFA overall for Alaskan fishermen. Great men founded SEAS and UFA. Men like Fred Haltiner, Ole Haynes, Joe Demmert, George Hamilton, I could go on and on.

If you think we could do things better or do more for you, contact us at anytime.


Have a great July.


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