Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Now on to the General Election

It's going to be a great primary for some of our favorite legislators.
Not so good for some of our other favorites this time.

Onward and upward. Thanks to Governor Murkowski for 4 fine years of leadership and for including UFA and SEAS in his many of his decision making and strategizing these past 4 years. Anyone with a bit of a brain would just continue with the same programs that were spawned under Mr. Fields, Mr. Zuanich, Mr. Schactler, Mr. Childers, Mr. McCune and others at UFA in concert with this administration and somewhat with the last as well.

Have a great rest of the summer and catch a few more fish if you find 'em.



  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I am a member, and I'd like to know why you are a Murkowski apologist? Besides illegally funneling money through the Calhoun building, which is going to catch up to you and him sooner than later, how come we don't hear about the crap he's pulled. How come he didn't stand up for Chignik?? Where was he, and you? I don't see anything in your blog rants about Chignik.

  2. if you were a member you would know precisely the top reasons we like Murkowski. and besides, it is a 13 member board that voted unanimously to do this....

    get informed. if you want seas to support chignik, then you'd better start calling board members.