Tuesday, August 22, 2006

PS: This is a website for members


I see some of you have come to comment on blogs. This is the official SEAS website and I am working for SEAS.

If you are a SEAS member, please comment in any way you wish.
If you are not a SEAS member, but wish to comment or make some rash or insulting observations of SEAS workers, then you may want to moderate or try to be constructive in those comments or else we may have to just restrict this website to only the card carrying, dues paying 134 SEAS members and their 600 crew members and our 44 business members and their employees.

Thanks for your constructive comments insofar as how we help to maintain and improve on our Alaska coastal communities economic situation.

If the next Governor does half as much to stimulate the salmon price and rescue False Pass and Cook Inlet commercial salmon fisheries like Big Frank did, then we'll love him or her.


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