Friday, September 22, 2006

The 20 cent pink salmon

Gentlemen and others

So the latest rumor-- haven't been home to check the mail yet-- is that one major is up to 19 cents- dock- for 2006 pink salmon.

That company had a low of 11 cents- dock- in 2002. So we're up nearly 80 percent ex-vessel.
Now I know that none of the pink salmon marketing funding spent by the Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board probably had little impact, since it was the most relevant and major federal infusion given to Alaskan fisherman in exchange- post mortem- for almost killing off our industry with a gladhanding foreign relations trading program whose gratuity has already cut over half of our folks out of a livelihood.

And where did the $36 million in AFMB funds come from.
REQUESTED BY UFA, 5 members of whom were UFA board members initially when, the board was formed, and FORGED BY TED STEVENS, the AFMB takes SK funds-- which are import duties and tariffs from the very few countries that we actually make pay them on seafood products imported into the US>

The AFMB is one of the purest and sincerest of the many many efforts to help the AK Seafood industry by Chairman Stevens.

Certainly the frozen market has surpassed that for a real value and the canned market is heading for the rafters as well.

But of course I've been at least up 30% in the market but after losing 80% that doesn't make up much...

Thus it goes with us right now. With diesel prices (albeit falling lately) and insurance rates, gear, bread and milk not slowing down on their increases, our 20 cent pinks are only worth about 8 cents compared to the purchasing power of the 20 cents we got for 1982 pinks. So we have alot of ground yet to cover. Even at 30 cents, which would be a very reasonable pink price considering the market coming up in 2007, you'd have been far better off to just get the 20 cents back in 1982.

Hey, remember to nominate somone for the board.

We're riding the 20 cent pink wave and let's hope it ramps up a bit.

Should be on here a bit more now.


Monday, September 04, 2006

call for nominations


This is the time of year that the critics really hate. It's when they have to put their jock straps on and sign up for volunteer board service or else just spit into their coffee all winter about how "they" would have done it better.

I know. I was one of those guys, badmouthing the John Peckhams and Bruce Wallaces because I had never met them and wasn't having a great season.

So it had to be someone else's fault.

In any event, we could use a few good men. I don't have my books with me since I'm on the boat, but there are at least 4 seats up for the SEAS board of directors and you will be receiving nomination ballots in the mail. You may send them in or you may nominate someone on here by sending in your name along with the nominee and your phone number just so one of these spoofs- not that all who comment on here are such spoofs- who comment on here doesn't nominate someone who isn't serious about their committment to our coastal communities and commercial fishing.

So, you have from now until October 1st to nominate somone for the SEAS board. Then you will have 6 weeks to vote for that slate.

Hope you have good falls or other fisheries to those of you who have them.

We're all reeling from a very tough season. Here's to next season being a bit better, eh?