Monday, September 04, 2006

call for nominations


This is the time of year that the critics really hate. It's when they have to put their jock straps on and sign up for volunteer board service or else just spit into their coffee all winter about how "they" would have done it better.

I know. I was one of those guys, badmouthing the John Peckhams and Bruce Wallaces because I had never met them and wasn't having a great season.

So it had to be someone else's fault.

In any event, we could use a few good men. I don't have my books with me since I'm on the boat, but there are at least 4 seats up for the SEAS board of directors and you will be receiving nomination ballots in the mail. You may send them in or you may nominate someone on here by sending in your name along with the nominee and your phone number just so one of these spoofs- not that all who comment on here are such spoofs- who comment on here doesn't nominate someone who isn't serious about their committment to our coastal communities and commercial fishing.

So, you have from now until October 1st to nominate somone for the SEAS board. Then you will have 6 weeks to vote for that slate.

Hope you have good falls or other fisheries to those of you who have them.

We're all reeling from a very tough season. Here's to next season being a bit better, eh?



  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Dear Bob and other SEAS members:

    Some of the responses on this web site make me sick. But I guess I can understand why some of the folks out there throw rocks at you and the organizations you work with. They are too afraid to join up and work in a positive way. I do believe that people who don't work with others for change are bound to fail in the long run. I have noticed that the alaskareport bloggers are failures as fishermen (even though some of them falsely claim to be fishermen and Alaska residents)and the only thing they have left is the childish criticism. Don't worry, we will outlast them. I love how these guys put out threats and innuendo but are afraid to even let us know their names.
    Pete Schonberg

  2. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Good to see your brown-nosing skills still work Pete!

  3. Anonymous1:57 PM

    That is exactly the childish crap I was talking about. Thank you for reaffirming me.

    Pete Schonberg

  4. Folks

    If you do not leave a name or some way to id yourself as a member or nonmember of SEAS, I will erase your comments at some future date.
    If you leave id info I will be more inclined to leave it on the site. I notice that most folks don't like to leave comments available to the general public.