Friday, October 27, 2006


I guess that's crewmember memberships.
Good news and bad news about crewmemberships at SEAS.

As reported earlier in a newsletter, Crewmember memberships have gone up to $50 per crewmember. That's from $40. And that's the bad news.

The good news is that for a one-time low price of $150 you can have your entire crew sign up for the entire year. That's right, only $150 gets you crewmemberships of as many crewmembers as you have for the entire season. And that's getting shorter, thanks to 1}Cholmondeley's lack of late return chums ( I didn't say there was a non- natural reason for this) and 2}for the fact that so many SEAS members appear to either 1} too busy or 2} too busy getting a whacking that they ignore the fact that they should be fishing cohoes in the fall in September like the other gear groups do.

Yeah. Those same gear groups that are our friends and have wanted to share in the effort to maintain some sense of equilibrium to the fleets. Our historical average isn't very close to the mark

That's atopic for another discussion but I would assume that the other groups would be as responsive and helpful as SEAS has been when the shoe was on the other foot... i.e., witness the allocation spending under the SSSF 2000-2001-2002 under the Knowles administration when alot of it really was spent in Southeast...

And the advent of PNPs like DIPAC have certainly helped augment the 3% Regionals production and much of that followed the enhanced plan. Certainly no credible marine scientist nor biologist would have accused DIPAC of actually having a return come back when this SE Regionwide allocation plan was adopted in the spring of 1994.

DIPAC's first blue chip pink return came in on its last pink release, in the summer of 1994.
Then we- I say we since I have served on DIPAC's board since the spring of 1994 - got some dogs back in 1996 that surprised even us as we had not sold them yet....another story.
Suffice it to say that DIPAC has been a big boost to gillnetters fortunes. And this boosts the seiners fortunes as well since these non-3%ers are added into the SE regionwide enhancement allocation formula. Even were a few seine fish this year.

Back to memberships. Back in 1993 a young impulsive SOB wrote a nasty note to the SEAS board and criticized them for not signing up their crews. My logic ran thus "If a skipper cannot convince his crew of the need for SEAS, then how is that skipper to persuade city councilmen, representatives, his neighbors, etc, of the importance of commercial salmon seining in SEAK."
Of course once I got on the board I was probably the first guy to forget to sign up my crew once I got to working on the issues the guys had already worked on. So the SEAS board invited me to fill a vacant seat for the remainder of 1993, until I could get elected on my own to serve my only term on the SEAS board, 1994-1997. Same way I got on the DIPAC board, I guess.

We need crewmembers. We need input from crewmembers. We need you to help us to help you.
Tell us what you think about the buyback. Ask us what's really going on, not the new article coming out in the ADN next month or the latest blog. There is an amazing "National Enquirer" attitude about commercial fishing lately-- since the Crab show on TV really-- and there is a bunch of sex, lies and videotape out there. OK, another story.

Anyways. Sign em up. $150 for your entire crew. Sorry, doesn't include Puget Sound.
These guys are the guys who make our industry what it is today. They are the next generation of seine skippers in Southeast. It's a bit disconcerting how well you all taught these young guys coming up. They really aren't shooting for #2. We all just lost the last 1 1/2 hours of sleep we've been saving each night in August.

After all, did any of you start out as skippers or did you crew a season or two??

Sign em up. We're doing this for them.

Oh. And in case you didn't know the coho allocation number represented by the drop in recent historical percentages, it's around 1.9 million coho. On 2006 dollars and prices, that's around $20 million.

Just catching a couple hundred silvers for a few days in September may never get you there but it will get you more free fall crewmembers for that one low price of $150 for your entire crew, entire year.
Heck, if you forgot their names, just send in for your kids. Who knows, maybe one of these years we'll even send out hats again.

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  2. Excuse me USAG, Ken D., Bill A. , Jimmy B and Arnold E. , but that wasn't a shot at you guys BOF-wise and all. It was just supposed to inspire seiners to have their crews join.

    I didn't mean to open that dialogue on the internet and sorry if that offended some. Nonetheless there are some numbers, questions, answers and ideas that we need to hook up and discuss about our 89 and 94 agreements. These agreements have proven to be very durable overall even if some things like quality, price, etc, cyclical market conditions and natural fluctuations -- like how a 5 year rolling average 3 years in a row somehow magically imitates natural cycles??-- could not be captured by the simple calculations involved. i'm sure you're not the only guys i've offended lately. usually it's the guys in my own fleet.

    see you in december if not before.