Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here's Johnny

Note to Johnny Rice, the original founder of the Alaska Report and operator solely from 1999 until sometime in 2005.

Johnny. Bobbyt here on a crewmembers laptop, blogging from Hope Island, Washington.
Hauling gear as I type.

In case any of you wondered where seiners.net came from it was Johnny.
He's been trying to get SEAS and myself more wired up since forever.

And SEAS and myself are usually about 5 years late on everything internet or computers.

Anyways. Here's to you Johnny. Hope your day in Ketchikan was as bright as ours down here.


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  1. Note to Johnny. In Juneau now, will call.

    The rest of you. Please be kind enough to leave your name and number with posts so we don't have to close this down and just go members only.