Thursday, October 19, 2006

SEAS Board of Directors Election

Election time is near. The next newsletter will have the ballots for this years election.

The ballots will read as follows. 2 names will be elected for each category of seats.
Vote for only 2 in each category...

Alaska seats Dan Castle- Ketchikan
Brad Haynes-Ketchikan

At large seats Jim Zuanich-Bellingham
George Hamilton III-Seattle
Bryan Benkman-Seattle

The remaining board members of SEAS are

Mitch Eide- Petersburg
John Barry- Sitka
Troy Thomassen- Petersburg
Alan Jacklet-Carnation
Randy Stewart-Burlington
Jeremy Jensen-Petersburg
Gary Haynes-Ketchikan
Nik Nebl-Ketchikan
Sven Stroosma-Bellingham

This board continues in the tradition of excellence that has been put forth from SEAS boards from as long as I can remember and as long as I have been associated with SEAS.

We will be meeting in Petersburg at the Purse Seine Task Force meeting and the following day as well with the SRA board. NOVEMBER 28th and 29th. SEAS members are welcome to join us for one or both days. All seiners are welcome to join us on the 28th at the Task Force meeting.

Petersburg members. This is obviously your chance to air your views on the buyback.....

Indeed if we have any issues with the buyback that make it impassable this winter then it's going to be the old heave ho to the buyback as we have no mandate from the board to continue hiring Trevor McCabe as our lobbyist and consultant on the buyback-- nor anyone else for that matter--past the end of the year. Without a nearly automatic lock on the loan in very very early 2007, this dog ain't a huntin.

That would indeed be tragic if we couldn't get the buyback through but I guess that'll at least give us more guys to get in lineups and we can then watch more movies and take more naps. As if the 19 boat lineup at Long Island wasn't enough this past summer. I keep imagining 19 International Harvesters running down the same row of corn in Iowa because they hadn't figured out how to do it otherwise.

good day and good luck to those of you who are at Point Roberts or the Salmon Banks fishing chums right now.....



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  5. I see some comments I forgot to respond to.

    Looks like a while back.

    So... "how will this investigation affect your credibility and work?"

    To answer that I guess I would have to say that this witchhunt was a complete farce perpetrated by a few miserable folks who had a vendetta against my family for quite some time, like from the 50's or 60's.

    I didn't let it interfere with my work although it probably did hurt commercial fishing in general as sport folk and other folks who may have had an interest in commfish's demise probably used this against us.

    I probably lost some clients as a result as well and I guaranteed all of my groups I work for as well as SEAS that if I did anything wrong that they could get all their money back.

    But in the long run, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    I've carried out my work as best I could. SEAS has been at the leadership of sparking the pink and chum markets, which now in 2011 are .50 and $1.00 respectfully, a far cry from the .05-.08 and .15-.18 ( if you could sell them) for pinks and chums

    We are embarking on our buyback, have passed a half dozen great pieces of legislation and are making S01A a rocking fishery.

    Which is my job.

    May 24.2011