Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The subsistence issue is boiling again.

Seems the US Forest Service's chief scientist for the northern SE region, Mr. Ben Van Allen, is insisting upon managing upper Chatham Straits for us. -- Managing used loosely here to mean-- shut down.... Oh. And if you like to fish MacNauti (sp) by the Sitka airport-- forget it.

The precedence is hardly a surprise, since the SE RAC has been in the forefront of pushing for Federal takeover of state management ability.

So folks. One more big one to add to the list this winter.

Look for the results and news of the SE Regional Advisory Council from Sitka later this week. The meeting is the 11th through the 13th, Wed. through Friday.... I'd imagine it's at the Centennial Hall if any of you from Sitka can make it.

SEAS believes that the Federal interpretation of "need" based management is seriously flawed.
And the United States Forest Service has no track record of managing salmon fisheries. Alaska should not be the experimentation grounds.

Fisheries can only be managed by one entity-- the STATE. And any fishery that is managed upon a constituent's needs rather than based upon the very best available science is doomed to extinction.

Be certain to alert your local city council members, state senator and representative-- Bert Stedman, Kim Elton, Beth Kertulla, Bill Thomas, Peggy Wilson, and Albert Kookesh.

good day and thanks to those of you whom have responded positively and constructively both emails and in person throughout Southeast.


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