Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well it's UFA week again. Dropped the boat off at 630 am yesterday to get ready for Hood Canal chums and flew in for the UFA semiannual meeting.

Although my UFA duties as chairman certainly clear out a larger circle than just my SEAS duties, it has been SEAS belief for decades now that UFA is an integral organization. We need UFA to deal with statewide issues, board of fish, adfg funding, subsistence, marketing, choosing a fish-friendly governor, and all of the important core issues that affect SEAS that we can join with other likeminded groups across the state.

The atmosphere here in Anchorage is electric. UFA will endorse for Governor tomorrow- those of you who know us easily will know whom that is - and the buzz surrounding her and the 2 other exceptional gubernatorial candidates and their running mates is phenomenal.

We have another new group and rep at UFA, Linda Kozak of Kodiak. She will be a very valuable asset to the group as she brings a ton of experience in the council process. Certainly not everyone shares that perspective at UFA and I wouldn't expect them to. Likewise, being from Kodiak, she is likely to be predisposed to disliking yours truly but that will change in time as it always does at UFA.

Meaning either she will really, really like me in a couple of years or really really hate me.

Never seems to land on lukewarm for anyone.

Next annual meeting for both SEAS and UFA is JANUARY IN JUNEAU.
Come if you'd like if you are a UFA member. We'll figure out a place to put you up.

Thanks to those of you SEAS members who are also UFA members. YOU are the best represented group in terms of total numbers at UFA. Keep up the good work and keep writing the $150 check to promote and protect the commercial fishing interests of your neighbors in Cordova, Kenai, Sand Point, Kodiak, etc.. as well as your fellow fishermen from SE.

Keep the faith. And remember, don't believe anything you read on the internet unless you read it here



  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I suspect it is fine to be heading to a meeting, already knowing whom the endorsement will be for, but?

    We are finding it really difficult to hear, or find information from the candidates regarding fish issues. Niether are ADN nor the JE running many stories on the governors race, and with cable TV one doesn't seem much coverage that way either. None have much of a presence on local FM radio either. So it is to their websites one must go. The Dem's page at least has some substance regarding their stance, but someone needs to prod the Palin camp to add some material. I would really like to hear some one fully address the brain drain and morale issues at ADF&G that could be the most important issue in the coming decade to us fishers.

  2. Eric

    The reason I foreknew the results of the endorsement vote was because I know the will and intent of the board generally since I keep in fairly constant contact with the members. I didn't mean to be insinuating that I was somehow personally responsible for the Palin endorsement, although I do support it fully and voted for her.

    I understand the lack of fish info in the camps and that is a direct lack of fishermen involvement at the levels that we would wish. Partially that is a summer phenomenon since all of our guys are working then but time to pick up the slack and right now....

    And the brain drain at ADFG. Yes it is ADFG's former scientist, Mr. Ben Van Allen, who is using junk science, or presupposition science in Chatham Strait for the USDA Forest Service.

    Phil Doherty has already gone from the Southern management of SO1A and we'll lose more. The folks coming up through the ranks are fine people who will inevitably settle in but there are also the more than 2 dozen SE commfish positions that yet are unfilled.

    UFA got the "retire rehire" bill in 2001 and this staved off the inevitable for the past 5 years but the Murkowski administration failed to address the lack of support in the 2006 legislature so we're losing the program.

    Thanks for the shout...