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November Newsletter Articles


The Purse Seine Task Force meeting for 2006 is scheduled for Petersburg on November 28th. If you have topics that aren’t covered below please call ASAP to the SEAS office at 463-5030 or 723-8267 and leave them on the machine or talk with me. You can also email your topics of concern to or leave them with a comment on the running blog at

This year the Task Force will be co-chaired by Bill Davidson and Bob T. Since the SEAS and SRA board meetings follow on November 29th, most of the SEAS board members should also be in Petersburg to attend the Task Force meeting as well. So if you have any burning issues you can contact the board members in your town or area.

Preliminary Task Force Issues

Chatham Strait corridor fisheries impacted by USFS Federal Subsistence management of Kanalku sockeye.

Clarence Strait changing back to 2-2 rather than 4-1

Cholmondeley Sound fall chum issues.

1.9 million cohoes behind on all species allocation- 19% target for seiners, 13% of total all-gear coho harvest.

Seiners out on 2 on the 5 year rolling average on enhancement allocation.
Gillnetters out on high side 3 on the 5 year rolling average.

New Otilith data showing SSRAA hatchery contributions in mixed stock corridors.

McDonald Lake issues.

Potential Homeshore openings during years of high pink salmon abundance.

Odd-Even Cycles.

Explanation of what went wrong with pinks in 2006

Anita Bay corridor fishing in District 8.


Hawk Inlet conservation time and area closures for sockeye in 2006.

ADFG Personnel and longer term retention issues.

Pacific Salmon Treaty renegotiation.

So, add to this list if you would or add to the information so that I or the board might benefit with your added knowledge of many of the issues we’ll be tackling this fall.
You of course are all invited to attend. We’ll find a place to put you up in Petersburg if you can indeed make it.


United Fishermen of Alaska Executive Director Mark Vinsel handed out a cheatsheet to all 3 gubernatorial candidates in Anchorage October 11th. On it were the accomplishments of UFA during the past 3 ½ years as a result of both Governor Murkowski’s cabinet and agenda as well as the leadership and both bodies of the legislature. It’s worth taking a brief look at what’s happened recently when SEAS has been at the core of UFA, helping out by volunteering the time of it’s Executive Director.

43 fisheries bills passed .
Board of Fish changed.
False Pass and Cook Inlet resurrected and almost saved.
And on and on.

Undoubtedly outgoing Senate President Ben Stevens provided tremendous impetus as part of the follow through from his tenure on the Joint Legislative Salmon Task Force. And it certainly reminded us of the task force days when past state Senator Alan Austerman was there every step of the way for the administration this past term as senior fisheries advisor.

Mrs. Sarah Palin met with the UFA board after both Mr. Andrew Halcro and former Governor Tony Knowles. Although all three meetings maintained exceptional dialogue on the important issues facing commercial fishermen today, it was former Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin who wowed both small and large boat fleets, earning a bipartisan endorsement reminiscent of the first Murkowski endorsement. The only caveat is that this endorsement was a bit broader, including Sitka and Homer, and a few other places where FHM was weaker.

Sarah Palin is married to a North Slope worker/Bristol Bay setnetter and former drifter. Her understanding of many of the rest of the state’s commercial fisheries issues is yet being shaped but she is very intelligent and a quick study. She is the most likely to allow other reasonable, non-competing uses for our natural resource base in Alaska.

UFA Environmental/Fish Farm Issues Chairman Mr. Bruce Wallace hosted Cam Toohey of Dutch Shell and Bruce Jenkins of Northern Dynasty to speak on Peninsula Offshore Drilling and the Pebble Project respectively. It is apparent that there needs to be more work and studies completed prior to any assessment of future impacts by either of these projects. A preponderance of UFA groups are very wary of the severity of Pebble’s impact. A small group of Bristol Bay native commercial fishermen showed up to support the Pebble Project.

UFA’s board roster numbers 37 people. Thirty three (33) fishing associations from around the state along with 4 at-large board members elected from the UFA individual membership. These are amongst the most knowledgeable and talented individuals representing commercial fishermen in Alaska. The average Executive Director at the UFA board has been around for over a decade at this game and the board list is like a who’s who list of Alaska commercial fishing industry icons. I am always in awe of this group when I’m working with them. Our newest group to rejoin is the CRAB group, represented by the talented Linda Kozak of Kodiak.


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