Friday, November 03, 2006


SEAS, the Southeast Alaska Seiners Association, endorsed Sarah Palin for Governor today. Sarah Palin’s close connection to the commercial salmon fisheries along with SEAS belief that she will be able to bridge the gap that can exist between the Governor and the Legislature were cited as two of the major reasons for support.

The UFA, of which SEAS is a longstanding member, had made this similar decision on October 12th, over 3 weeks ago. SEAS 13 board members are all commercial salmon fishermen and have had a busy and difficult season, but were able to teleconference today. Although there is great respect and admiration for Palin’s two opponents, Andrew Halcro and Tony Knowles, the SEAS board determined that Sarah Palin is the best choice for coastal Alaskan communites where our members live. SEAS is very impressed with the vast majority of Murkowski commissioners and directors and is confident that, with a Palin administration, there will be less change and turnover of our favorite leaders in Commerce, Labor and Fish and Game.

SEAS board of directors hail primarily from Petersburg, Sitka and Ketchikan. They also represent members from the Alaskan communities of Wrangell, Klawock, Juneau, Hoonah, Kake, Homer, Cordova and Craig.

The rest of the SEAS endorsement slate is as follows.

House of Representatives
Bill Thomas- Haines (iceworm district of smaller communities, 34 permits in his district)
Beth Kertulla- Juneau downtown (7 permits)
Peggy Wilson- Wrangell (Petersburg, Sitka, Wrangell, 100 permits)
Kyle Johansen-Ketchikan (33 permits)
Randy Wanamaker- Juneau (3 permits)
Alaska State Senate
Mac Meiners- Juneau (10 permits)

US Congress

The Honourable Donald E. Young

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