Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2-2 or 4-1 and fleet consolidation


Weigh in on the 4-1 and 2-2 debate.

Great season overall, although not as huge as many we have seen in recent years.

Fleet consolidation is on track, with the needed language proceeding through Congress thanks to our great friend, Senator Ted Stevens.

Newsletter on the way in late September and then we'll vote for 4 of the board members so stay tuned.

I'll be in the office a bit more now that it's late in the season.
Hope you all had great years and we'll look forward to the debates that shape our shared futures.


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  1. Anonymous6:19 AM

    In simple terms 4/1 means fresher fish to the processing decks. Looking over this season I think it meant 4 more fishing days than one would have had with 2/2. With the smaller fleet working than when 2/2 was the norm, this is a big deal. My worry is that there have developed certain hookoff's where substantial catches are being made every hour of every open day. If those particular spots were either closed, or on a different schedule, it would allow a more even distribution of fish presence, both on the overall fishing grounds, or in the streams. But the bottom line for SE Seiners and the industry should be maximizing fishing days with out adverse impact on future run strengths.