Sunday, June 01, 2008

fleet consolidation phase #1

It's all but done.
There was a snaffu with the way the funds could be spent- the system is a reimbursable expense system, meaning that PSVOA had to lend half the money to the SRA to buy half the permits (17 or so) while the remaining permits (16- total of combined bought permits is 33) are still waiting for their checks as we speak. --update-9-12-08-- we managed to buy 35 with the last one needing a partial loan from SEAS and PSVOA to the SRA in order to get it. We felt collectively that we wanted to squeeze every nickel to get the extra 2 permits.

Anyways. 8% of the SO1A permits have now been purchased and relinquished, save for those awaiting their funds.

Sorry for the slow draw here but we've managed to draw out not only Alaska's first ever fleet consolidation program but we'll probably also set a record for the longest process in achieving our goal. Remember SEAS began their quest for fleet consolidation before the bottom of the pink prices back in November 2001. It is apparent that we won't be finished with phase 2 until the winter after the 2009 season. In what amounts to a government shutdown or slowdown, the Bush administration has ceased new rulemaking.

Thanks to the Palin Administration for their coordination and support through Alaska Department of Fish and Game as well as the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission. Commissioner Denby Lloyd, Special Assistant Aspelund, CFEC Commissioners Peter Froelich, Bruce Twomley and CFEC Chairman Frank Homan. Of course the senior Fisheries Advisor to Governor Palin, Cora Crome. We couldn't have done it without all of their valuable assistance. And Governor Palin's leadership was certainly evident here as she is showing a broader understanding of the long term needs and issues of other regions of the state such as ours

And kudos to SEAS, Mr.Zuanich and PSVOA for their diligence, persistence and hard work.


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