Thursday, September 25, 2008

United Fishermen Of Alaska


We're up here in Anchorage for a 3 day UFA meeting where there will be some major endorsements made tomorrow.

The reception went exceptionally well last night and the meeting is being well attended.

Thanks for your support of UFA.

SEAS members and SO1A permit holders are the largest single member group of UFA with 1/6th of the total membership of UFA. There are 36 organizations that belong to UFA and we have 1/6th of the individual members.

Excellent participation guys and we at SEAS are extremely pleased that you guys form the core that supports commercial fisheries everywhere in Alaska.

SEAS thanks you and UFA thanks you.

Call the office at 907-463-5080 if you are one of those 50 plus UFA members from SEAS who has no UFA hat. SEAS hats are in as well and call if you'd like us to mail a couple to you.

Good Day


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nominations still open

Nominations for the SEAS board will close October 31st.

Forms will be sent to all current members by mail this coming week but you may also nominate by email or by calling the SEAS office at (907)463-5080.

SEAS endorses Ted Stevens for Senate

Along with a core voting block at United Fishermen of Alaska totaling eight associations, SEAS endorsed Ted Stevens at a press conference at the Alaska Fishermen's Building.

The United Fishermen of Alaska will take up the endorsement of the remaining candidates not on the "auto endorse" list as well as the endorsements of Don Young's congressional seat, Ted's seat and the McCain-Palin ticket. Not that these are foregone conclusions, of course.