Saturday, February 07, 2009

Board of Fisheries Feb 17th, Sitka

We're packing up to head to Sitka.

The RPT came up with a concensus agreement in December that ATA, SEAFA, USAG, PVOA, SSRAA, SEAS and the Petersburg ADFG Advisory Committee signed off on thus far.

There is precious little direct purse seine action--aside from the standard 58 foot request and the 2nd net onboard a boat-- aside from our intent to get some more surveys and test fishing done in the north and the trasmittal to the Board of Fisheries of our joint effort at the purse seine task force, with the Kanalku sockeye situation with the Forest Service biologist Ben Van Allen. ((Documenting the 75% mortality rate from Kanalku stream throuugh the falls to Kanalku Lake.

The RPT concensus agreement will leave Nakat unopened for 3 years, Anita Bay, Deep Inlet and Neets Bay (after June 20) will be 1-1 sharing time with the driftnet fleet.

Aside from this, the NSRAA board has committed to dealing with the enhancement imbalance issue, and SSRAA has committed 10 million further fry to Kendrick and has committed to establishing a remote release site near Port San Antonio, in Bucarrelli Bay near Craig.

The sport issues are major as there are battles heating up over herring, troll and longline fisheries. Many of our brothers, cousins and selves participate in these fisheries. Be sure you are supporting PVOA and SEAFA so that you have a voice in these other important fisheries. Although SEAS does not specifically tackle the other species, we represent 15% of the membership of UFA and we are at the forefront of volunteering our time and the time of our Executive Director to the cause of protecting and promoting commercial fishing in this great state of ours.

So. Any questions, call the SEAS office at 907-463-5030



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