Friday, April 24, 2009

UFA Honors Senator Ted Stevens (KTUU Video)

April 24, 2009 Contact Mark Vinsel, Executive Director
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United Fishermen of Alaska Honors Senator Stevens in
Inaugural Alaska Seafood Hall of Fame
Senator Ted Stevens honored with Lifetime Achievement award, among twenty industry leaders
named to Hall of Fame.
In celebration of 50 years of Alaska Statehood and sustainable fisheries management, the United
Fishermen of Alaska (UFA) honored former Senator Ted Stevens for his record of
accomplishments dating from Alaska Statehood to the present, and named nineteen other
individuals to its inaugural Alaska Seafood Hall of Fame. The honor recognizes individuals for
their lifetime accomplishments in promoting and protecting Alaska’s seafood industry and fishery
Senator Stevens was presented a UFA Honorary Lifetime Membership and Lifetime Achievement
award for his work for sustainable fisheries spanning Alaska’s first 50 years of Statehood,
including establishing the 200 mile limit; the Magnuson-Stevens Act, establishment of regional
fishery management councils, ban on high seas driftnets, and his continuing work to bring a stop to
illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fisheries worldwide.
“Alaska’s fisheries were a focal point in the impetus behind the statehood movement, and through
statehood, Alaska was able to influence national fisheries and ocean policy. Alaska’s founding
fathers and fishing leaders took many very difficult steps to bring the necessary protections to
rebuild and sustain fishing communities. Without the work of these twenty individuals, and
especially Senator Stevens, we can only guess what would now remain of our fisheries stocks and
fishing communities,” said UFA President Joe Childers.
In accepting the award, Senator Stevens called upon commercial fishermen to join together to
continue his work to stop IUU fishing.
UFA followed a two step process of open nominations followed by voting by the full board of 41
fishing leaders that comprise the UFA . Over fifty people were nominated and the top twenty after
voting were named as inaugural inductees. The awards were presented at an industry banquet at
the Comfish trade show this week in Kodiak, Alaska.
“The nomination and voting process was a very educational look back into the fifty years since
Alaska statehood, reminding all of us that we owe our fisheries to the vision and hard work that so
many individuals have made, and inspiring all fishermen and those who work in fisheries to
continue this arduous and often frustrating work. The nomination list includes statesmen,
innovative fishermen, activists, processors, biologists, regulators, and many who spanned across
more than one of these categories.
“There are many men and women in the fishing community whose work might already well
qualify them for inclusion, but that would agree that their work is not yet done. The list of eligible
individuals will continue to grow and UFA will elect new members yearly,” said executive director
Mark Vinsel.
UFA honored the following Alaska Seafood Hall of Fame Charter Members:
Bob Alverson, U.S. Senator Bob Bartlett, Bob Blake, The Brindle Family, Chuck Bundrant, Al
Burch, Phil Daniel, Oscar Dyson, Senator Dick Eliason, Governor Ernest Gruening, Governor Jay
Hammond, Gordon Jensen, Knute Johnson, Armin F. Koernig, Jerry McCune, Alaska State
Representative Drew Scalzi, Alaska State Senator Clem Tillion, Tommy Thompson, and Bob
Thorstenson Sr.
“These individuals each made lasting contributions that helped Alaska fishermen and women
continue our sustainable fisheries to the present and into the future. We look forward to
recognizing the many others that are helping ensure our sustainable fisheries through to future
generations,” said Vinsel.

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