Friday, April 23, 2010

Buyback Bill passed

HB365, which ties up the state's nexus with the Federal loan, passed without objection in both the House and Senate.

Many thanks to all of you who helped on this. Both you SEAS members as well as the great public servants, our bill sponsor, Anchorage Rep. Charisse Millett, along with our co-sponsors,Juneau Rep. Cathy Munoz,Ketchikan Rep Kyle Johansen, Juneau Rep Beth Kerttula. Wrangell Rep Peggy Wilson, as well as our companion bill in the Senate, SB255, sponsored by Nome Senator Donny Olson and co-sponsored by Juneau Senator Dennis Egan.

CFEC, with Commissioner Homan at the helm, was indispensible, as well as the administration and staff and committees who shepherded this important piece of the buyback through. Department of Law as well as Dept. of Revenue helped out a ton as well. Tom Leonard (law) and Tim Cottongim(sp) (rev).

Thanks to all of you who testified in support. Not one fisherman testified or wrote a letter in opposition.

Now it's just up to the Federal rulemaking and then the vote of the permit holders.


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  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Also Co-Sponsor.

    Make that strong Co-sponsor Kathy Munoz.