Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fleet Consolidation is here

Letter to go out to permit holders May 26.

June 6-July 1, bid period.

Fall, 2011 Vote on fleet consolidation.

Winter, 2011-2012, Winning Bidders get money for permits if the program passes.


While this is the timeline, if there aren't enough bids or if the bids are too high in the June6-July 1 round, the SRA board reserves the right to throw the bids out and start over.

Any questions, call me on my cell at (907)723-8267

Bob Thorstenson, Jr
Executive Director, SEAS

Monday, May 23, 2011

Buyback meeting today with SRA board

The $23.5 million loan for the buyback was placed into the Federal Registry today so the public comment period runs until June 22.

The SRA board is meeting at 3PM and it is likely that they will immediately go out to bid from June 1-July 1.

The vote and remainder of the program will be put together in the fall and winter but we want to ensure that we have bids as early as possible so that folks will exactly what they're voting for in the fall.

Here we go.


Monday, May 09, 2011

The abolition of Cost Recovery


There has been some disconcernation over the proposed NSRAA 2012 cost recovery abolition.

First, this is something that SEAS has wanted for a long time. We enacted legislation that was passed in 2006 that allows hatcheries to voluntarily cease cost recovery in place of paying the fishermen to catch all the fish. Of course the glitch is that CR has to be paid somewhere so there will be an assessment. At this years price it would likely be less than 15%. In 2004 it would have been around 40 percent.

Interesting to note this because it was 2004 when we began this process in earnest.

It's out of SEAS hands now. After extensive polling and research amongst seiners in SE, we were sent on a mission to create the potential to allow this cash collection to happen while ridding the hatcheries of the cost recovery as put into place in the mid-80's.

We passed a tough bill in the teeth of the session with a major major SE holdout who held the bill for nearly all the 2 years.

Now it's up to NSRAA to implement. And we are very excited that NSRAA is taking this baby to the cleaners and getting 'er done.

Thanks Steve and crew

Any questions call Mitch Eide at 20679088156
john barry at 7384645


i've heard some complaints. If it doesn't work out then we can go back to the stone ages and scew up our entire hidden falls season with standard cost recovery.============


On another note, the buyback is coming ........SOON

We may not pay this summer but if anyone wants to bid they'd better get it on to bid this summer

The nice thing about newsletters and blogs is that you can prove up on the BS

WE've been doing this since 2004 so you can see the trail.

If a guy wants to save CR now or oppose the Buyback now, then he's probably too late. Way too late. We've been working on these major major issues since the dawn of time. Lot's of back issues to look through to prove me wrong.

I should be out again on a blog as soon as we hear this week from NMFS on the buyback.

Call anytime for members, or potential members at 907-723-8267

warmest regards