Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nominations for SEAS Board

Seats recently won in election and/or appointed for Seth Wyman and Lauchlin Leach are up already as well as the seats held these past 3 years by Dan Castle and Brad Haynes.

Nominations are open for these 4 seats.

Candidates should have the willingness to tackle the tough issues and work hard to ensure that their fishery is promoted and protected.

There are 2 major meetings each year, one in Juneau and one that switches from Ketchikan to Sitka to Petersburg on alternating cycles over the 3 years.

Hope you all had successful seasons and see you this fall in Alaska or Puget Sound.

While SEAS will not have a booth at Fish Expo, we will have personnel there to discuss issues of importance to you. Look for me or Marty to be there or both.

Best Fishes


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