Friday, October 21, 2011

Board Nominations/Fleet Consolidation

As happens every other year, there are no nominations for the SEAS board other than the siting seats held by Lauchlin Leach, Seth Wyman, Dan Castle and Brad Haynes.


A couple of facts.

1. There was a question back in May about the reverse auction. Yes, the SRA is authorized to throw out bids at a certain amount. We spent an extra 3 years fighting NMFS Financial Services to allow us to have one bid amount so that there would not be higher and lower bids. This is where they left us, a reverse auction. Since there were 7 bids above $250,000, and that cutoff gave us a remaining number of 311, with $10 million left over to purchase more permits in the future, that is where we ended up.

By the way, if you decide to post or comment on here, that's just fine. But know that I will never post your comment with anonymous on it. IF you want to post a comment that I will accept you must sign your name. That's how it's worked in America since the Pilgrims came over. If other sites want to have anonymous blather that's just fine with me. Not SEAS site.

2. It's important to remember that the 3% assessment is collected on the fish ticket by the processor. Just like the enhancement tax. In fact it will be the same amount initially. BUT, if we don't spend the money and/or if we are successful financially in the fishery, the 3% can and will be lowered. Likely to around 1.75% if we don't do a phase 3. Else it will likely go to around 2.5% or possibly even 2%. Our fishery loan is based upon us harvesting pinks at a quarter and chums at .30. So if the prices stay higher, our rate goes lower. OUR RATE CAN NEVER GO HIGHER.

3. With all the talk in the past of how no new boats are out there, did you look out your tophouse windows at all the new boats. I counted 35 either brand new, Canadian rerigged, or California, Homer, Kodiak, etc boats in SE this summer. The ADFG count of 262 is likely to go up with the official CFEC count, but this is 27% higher than the 207 boats that were fishing in 2004.

4. The date of the vote is coming soon. Keep your eye on the mail at Thanksgiving to Christmas time.

Again, SEAS and PSVOA boards in their entirety are in favor of the fleet consolidation. In fact, I believe it is the first time on any issue that there has been 100% concurrence between the groups.

SEAS hasd been polling members and the fleet at large for decades. Never has the suppport been below 77%. Never above 86%.

The major polling we did in the spring came out at 84%.

Don't know how we could put it plainer.

I know it's not perfect. The reverse auction made it so there would be winners and losers, so to speak, so that makes it tougher for some folks. That's why we never wanted a reverse auction. WE knew it would make it tougher and seemingly less fair, but that's the only way NMFS would let us proceed.

Call anytime.