Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fleet Consolidation-When is the Vote

Now the ball is in NMFS court. They've had the full SRA bidding documents for a week now.

Assuming that it shouldn't take more than a month for the NMFS Financial Services guys to get things turned around for a vote, that would put us March 1.  So expect the vote in March, unless things go as they've gone these past 10 years.  Then expect a delay.  But be prepared for as early as March 1.  They cannot tell us a date but that is a good one to start with.

There are lots of issues surrounding the buyback that people get worked up about.  Most, if not all outstanding issues relating to optimum number, bid procedures, assessment collection by the processors on the fish ticket....etc can be found in our archives or newsletters.  We've had the best and brightest working on this for a decade now and doubt that there are any angles we haven't already thought about.

There will be another newsletter on the way very soon.

Apologies for not having a concrete date set for when the voting will start but that's just been the nature of this Program.  It's a first of it's kind in history.  Federal loan and grant (the first 36 permits were bought with federal grant funds) program for a state waters fishery that leaves the entire dominion of the proper conduct of the fishery in the hands of the state.  

At the lowest interest rates the Fed has had since around WWII.

You have my number and you know the board.  Call anytime with questions.  And don't be afraid to comment on here as well.  I know not 100% of you are supportive as we've only recently polled 85% in the spring.  So there'll be 1 in 6 against the program.  Meanwhile, 58 foot limit almost got taken off last Board of Fish cycle yet 4 in 6 are against changing the 58 foot limit.

Believe me, this program was instituted with the total picture of all of you in mind.
This is a program for the young guys and the average guy in the fleet.

Have a good day


btw.  As most of you probably already remember us telling you, we fought NMFS for at least a year or so, delaying the program, because we did not want to do a reverse auction.  We felt that everyone should get the exact same price.  NMFS would not let us do this.  So our apologies for not winning out on that issue.  It would have made for a more even keel with all one price. Sorry we weren't able to prevail on that point.

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