Sunday, April 08, 2012

PACIFIC FISHING Article on Fleet Consolidation

So here goes, from March 2012 Pacific Fishing article by Amy Majors:
Craig Councilman
When we first spoke, Craig Councilman was against the buyback program, but now, he's changed his mind. Craig Councilman is a 3rd-generation fisherman from Everett and owns the seiner Christian S. "After lots of time to think about it, and discuss it with fishermen who've been in the business for a while, I've decided that we'll be better off in the long run if we support the buyback. I believe there will be many beneficial factors which will offset the 3% that we'll have to pay each year."

Larry Demmert
Larry Demmert is 100% behind the buyback.
" It's the best thing that could happen to the fishery, but I also think people are losing sight of what it stands for. The bottom line is that we need to reduce the number of permits, because it's about keeping us viable in this fishery.

I think that 160-180 permits was the right number, not 260. Overcrowding issues make fishermen cutthroat. I want to make a decent living, not have alot of guys cut me off at the hook-offs," he said.

Demmert didn't think there's anything wrong with the way the buyback has been portrayed to the public: "It's not like this was sprung overnight. People had the opportunity to buy these permits for 10 years but they didn't."

Rudy Johanson

Since 1949, Rudy Johanson has been fishing, and since 1956, he has run his own boat. IN that time he has built 4 crabbers and one seiner from scratch.

Johanson has seen the ups and downs of this industry, and he believes in the buyback. "I think the buyback is necessary, because you will get a stronger and better fleet in the long run..."

Should the people who aren't fishing be allowed to vote? " I wouldn't care if they voted,"
Rudy says. "I'm just hoping enough people will see the long-term benefits."

"I think it will happen too, and if we have a year like last year, there won't be alot of 'closet permits'. The real fishermen will bre there, they're not going to sell out, but this gives the guys who aren't fishing an opportunity to get out. If we end up paying the 3%, so be it.

I want my grandkids to have a real good opportunity at it."

End of story

The one SEAS member in the story, the Marchall Tito's Jim Zuanich, Rob's cousin, was also interviewed for the story, and was against the buyback.



  1. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Classic-SEAS is so pathetic that the non-SEAS members have to carry the buyback too!!!

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    i heard at the ketchikan meeting that we only have to pay 1% a year approximately after 2012.

    in 2012 alone will we have to pay the 3%

    1. Yes. The 3% assessment will be dropped to 1% if this is all the money we borrow.

      So the 8 years of ASMI money that we saved from 2004-2011 will cover the entire cost of the buyback from this point on.