Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sealaska must reverse position in letter to interior and agriculture secretaries

It is incumbent upon Sealaska Inc, to now apologize for their support of the Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction petition , which mandated immediate and long term closures from Gardner to Hoonah , Hidden Falls hatchery, as well as Peril and Tenakee.

It's obvious that there was concern for the Angoon residents as well as the subsistence prioirty and that's understandable. But the economic destruction that would have taken place amongst other Sealaska members would have been monumental. The idea that Sealaska might be in the room, ensuring that the fish ladder is done and that we pursue enhancement at Hasselford and other location is welcomed.

The idea that after the apology and the reversal of Sealaska's position- so that Sealaska states it does not in this case nor in any future case support ETJ- after that we can work on sealaska and assisting in getting into the seafood processing business.

And we can work on a system to assist in getting permits into communities of fewer than 1500 residents that have been historically seining towns.

If you are a member of sealaska-please call in and let them know your opinion.

If you do business with sealaska or if you have leverage on your support of their lands bill weigh in.

See- I fish for sealaska part of the season.

So I'm not fishing for them until they do all of the above
If they do then I will also support Sealaska lands bill.

If they dont I quit fishing for them and oppose the Sealaska lands bill.


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