Sunday, April 22, 2012

Every Vote Counts

Because NMFS decided to use certified mail there are currently 53 permit holders who have thus far been denied the right to vote by being denied a ballot. This is outrageous but it means that every vote is going to count. Even SRA and SEAS board member John Barry has been unable to receive a ballot. If you or anyone you know would like to exercise your right to vote but have been denied the right to receive a ballot and vote please call SEAS at (907)723-8267 Thank you and keep the faith Bobbyt

Sunday, April 08, 2012

PACIFIC FISHING Article on Fleet Consolidation

So here goes, from March 2012 Pacific Fishing article by Amy Majors:
Craig Councilman
When we first spoke, Craig Councilman was against the buyback program, but now, he's changed his mind. Craig Councilman is a 3rd-generation fisherman from Everett and owns the seiner Christian S. "After lots of time to think about it, and discuss it with fishermen who've been in the business for a while, I've decided that we'll be better off in the long run if we support the buyback. I believe there will be many beneficial factors which will offset the 3% that we'll have to pay each year."

Larry Demmert
Larry Demmert is 100% behind the buyback.
" It's the best thing that could happen to the fishery, but I also think people are losing sight of what it stands for. The bottom line is that we need to reduce the number of permits, because it's about keeping us viable in this fishery.

I think that 160-180 permits was the right number, not 260. Overcrowding issues make fishermen cutthroat. I want to make a decent living, not have alot of guys cut me off at the hook-offs," he said.

Demmert didn't think there's anything wrong with the way the buyback has been portrayed to the public: "It's not like this was sprung overnight. People had the opportunity to buy these permits for 10 years but they didn't."

Rudy Johanson

Since 1949, Rudy Johanson has been fishing, and since 1956, he has run his own boat. IN that time he has built 4 crabbers and one seiner from scratch.

Johanson has seen the ups and downs of this industry, and he believes in the buyback. "I think the buyback is necessary, because you will get a stronger and better fleet in the long run..."

Should the people who aren't fishing be allowed to vote? " I wouldn't care if they voted,"
Rudy says. "I'm just hoping enough people will see the long-term benefits."

"I think it will happen too, and if we have a year like last year, there won't be alot of 'closet permits'. The real fishermen will bre there, they're not going to sell out, but this gives the guys who aren't fishing an opportunity to get out. If we end up paying the 3%, so be it.

I want my grandkids to have a real good opportunity at it."

End of story

The one SEAS member in the story, the Marchall Tito's Jim Zuanich, Rob's cousin, was also interviewed for the story, and was against the buyback.


Saturday, April 07, 2012



As many of you already know, the NMFS voting ballots were sent out certified mail.

This is a bit more tricky for some of you who are out longlining or otherwise travelling away from home.

If your pink slip blew out of your mailbox or you have any other issues getting your voting ballot, please call Mike Sturtevant at (301)427-8782.

In all of the other buyback related mailers that went out certified, we got around 15% back, undelivered. Seems the mailman or PO's roundfile them or just collect them and you can bet that there'll be similar percentages, totalling around 50 voters, whose certified mail will end up going back to NMFS>

Remember, if you haven't received your ballot and have problems getting it done by the end of the month, contact Mike Sturtevant at (301)427-8782.



Thursday, April 05, 2012


Newest ones are at the bottom.
Since not alot of folks comment on here, I thought I'd share some of my favorite deckboss comments.
1. 58 foot limit. The 58 foot limit is being held up right now by the buyback.
So if you are with the maintaining the 58 foot limit crowd you oughtta be in favor of the buyback.

2. The payout to bring the total permits to 315 has already been paid for you.

SEAS stopped the 1% ASMI Tax in 2004. So you have 8% in savings to draw from .

If this passes- and if we don't do more buying back- we'll pay 3% in 2012, then as low as 1% thereafter.
If this is the case, then it's already been paid for.

3. ONLY 1 of the SEAS board out of 13 is selling a permit. I've heard comments about past SEAS board members, but we cannot and do not control what someone says 15 years after they got off the board whether they are Tom Manos or Mike Svenson.
The fleet is 63 out of 366 for a 1 in 6 ratio as opposed to our 1 in 13.

So it looks like the fleet has more collective insider information than the SEAS board.

4. 271. That was the optimum number in 1974. Trying to get there. Bummer was that that was with the Fido, Marysville, Oregon City, Veribus, Binkie, et. al. and the fleet is 5 times more efficient than we were then. The first Delta wasn't even built yet. Now we have around 80-100 of them in the fleet.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with skin in the game should be allowed to vote. It's not like there are enough bidders to win a majority anyway.

At the end of the day, it's a good long term business decision, and I will vote for it. The next round will make it even better, and I'm willing to bet that after the higher fish prices and lower interest rates are accounted for, the tax will be far less than 3% in a couple years.

March 1, 2012 10:02 PM

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern:
I have had my own vessel for 4 seasons in Southeasternalaska. I crewed for 10 years before that time. And I believe in the buyback. I know you are all entitled to your opinions but I am 34 years old with a family of four. And I see the buyback as the only solution. It is the only reason I joined seseinersassociation. And I plan on paying this assessment for fortie years or more. I live in a rural town in southeasternalaska. And we see city slickers, other cities in Alaska, and other outsiders getting into the fishery. And we want to freeze the number as soon as possible. I believe we could have done it cheaper many years ago and wonder why we did not do so. But now we are where we are and please do the right thing for my future. And the future of
My children
Vote yes

January 31, 2012 6:28 PM

Anonymous said...

Yes is a smart vote IMHO.
All SE gear groups are too crowded.
All fleets these days are very mobile, catch fish one opening
and count on a crowd for the next opening. With cell phones everyone
gets instant catch reports from all
areas. No more secrets, big sets
are on youtube before the next
announcement comes out.
I wish the seiners luck and hope
the trollers & gilnetters follow.

January 30, 2012 6:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes vote registering in.
Way to go SEAS and PSVOA.

January 30, 2012 6:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Vote my pocket book. I vote Yes. And so does my cousin and best freind. And I live in AK. Held a permit since 1992. Don't know nobody on the list hardly but don't care either.

January 30, 2012 6:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate SEAS and PSVOA. They suck. But I remember how hard it was to make a living just a few short years ago. With the uncertainty of hatcheries, access, fights with gillnetters, subsistence, sport and such we need to get our numbers down. Also remember how much this fishery has changed. I vote yes also.

January 30, 2012 6:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes vote registering in.
Way to go SEAS and PSVOA.

January 30, 2012 6:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Vote my pocket book. I vote Yes. And so does my cousin and best freind. And I live in AK. Held a permit since 1992. Don't know nobody on the list hardly but don't care either.

January 30, 2012 6:17 PM

Anonymous said...
More boats to show up in 2013 !!! Get your vote mailed early, they have to be returned within 30 days, not postmarked within 30 days.

Anonymous said...
More boats to show up in 2013 !!! Get your vote mailed early, they have to be returned within 30 days, not postmarked within 30 days.
Anonymous said...
NMFS is telling everybody the tax will be dropped to 1% after this season. Once you factor in you crews share of that, it's less than one percent. That is a small price to pay to guaranty those permits will never fish again.

It's not about how many permits fished the last 10 years, it's about how many will fish in the next 20. Its clear what that trend is.

Voting no is a poor business decision guys.

April 1, 2012 9:33 AM
Anonymous said...
Am I missing something here?

"current economics" have piles of New boats entering the fishery.

Current economics have the processors financing boats for new guys, and actively soliciting gillnetters to switch over.

Current economics have the boatbuilders back in business and a bunch more new boats coming.

Current economics have guys coming up from California and new boats coming in from CAnada, more every year.

How Exactly is it that current economics have 'balanced this fleet' to the point this trend will not continue?

April 1, 2012 9:41 AM

. Come on guys! Do your homework...don't let Bobby do it for you! For far too long we have let him and his select co-horts tell us what is best for the fleet. Think for yourself! Don"t let a guy who has every angle of this industry covered to ensure he and those who blindly support him flourish, no matter what the run. Bobby is a numbers man..he is only expecting 70% of seiners to return the buyback balloting because they are otherwise engaged in participating in longline & herring. They are busy making a living while he is busy "phoning friends" to get his "life's work" passed

B T said...
Housebill 484 2006 is the optimum number protection mechanism

Too exclusive- like sitka on the year the guys made $250 avg in 45 minutes. Ruled to be not too exclusive and it stands today, 20 years later.

Too exclusive would be if we wait a couple years and get to 330 and then drop it to 275. If we never let it get to 330 but maintain at 275, there is hardly a case as the obvious OPIMUM NUMBER is that which is fishing currently in a surplus permit market situation. "So opt. number for 2011 279. optimum number for the decade is 235-250


April 1, 2012 2:17 PM
B T said...
7. OPTIMUM # protection. IF there is a lawsuit, and there was against Sitka Sac Roe, and after 10 years they came up with.... you guessed it 51 permits ( there's 48 now) when there were 51 permits grossing $250,000 in a half hour. EVEN if we ever got rich and steady enough runs to add permits, after a decade of lawsuits, then the state of Alaska would pay us for those permits under HB484--- passed in 2006 by sponsor Peggy Wilson in the Alaska State Legislature.

April 1, 2012 2:26 PM
Bruce W said...
this is a question of sustaining economics, there is only; price of fish, number/pounds of fish, and number of units of gear fishing. Where is there any possibility of the fleet controlling some part of their enviroment? It makes sense to have some opportunity to positively effect your investment and to create for your crews a adequate living.

April 1, 2012 2:59

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Remember the List

I've examined this list carefully with the 35 years I've had to ID and know each and every corner of SE and the PAC NW so I can ID the speculators here.
And there are no more than 10 speculators. Which is vcry interesting.

With all the talk I'd have thought there'd be more

I'll throw out a couple permit holders and some information and I bet it'll surprise you.

4 of the first 5 permits you come across were guys selling, retiring. I know them all. I just don't know if the 5th, Mercury Michael, used to fish or potentially was just speculating.

8-14 all solids, no speculators here. know all these guys

16-23 no speculators.

48 pete thorstenson bought his permit in 1999- 2 full years before the first ever buyback meeting

fred haltiner bought his permit in 1968.
charlie wills original permit.

tom manos. only permit

pete schonberg. only permit

bruce wallace. only permit

You who don't know all these folk, they're mainly folk who've held permits for a long time, through divorce, or bankruptcy, or just retiring, or retired waiting 10 years for the slowest buyback ever conducted.

They're all good people and I'll be happy to pay my 3% in 2012 and 2013 and my 1% thereafter


CFR TITLE 50, SECTION 600.1107(d)(4)

Last Name First Name Permit No.



1 Krigbaum Michael S01A58031W 175,000

2 Jensen Douglas S01A59714N 180,000

3 DeGroen Johnny S01A58505S 185,000

4 Michael Mercury S01A55386C 185,000

4 Reimnitz Hartmut S01A578995 185,000

6 Zuanich Michelle S01A57849F 185,000

7 Veerhusen Daniel S01A56638X 189,000

8 Hansen William S01A55442A 191,000

9 Svensson John S01A56492N 191,000

10 Gruenheit Michael S01A55083V 193,000

11 Jolibois Timothy Larry S01A56018A 194,000

12 Spearin James S01A59372G 194,973

13 Jurlin Marie S01A58547R 195,000

14 Nash Paul S01A57907M 195,000

15 Reifenstuhl Ivan S01A55171A 195,000

16 McGee Gary S01A56559 196,000

17 Christensen Dale S01A60803V 196,500

18 Finney Paul S01A64933S 197,000

19 Haldane Robert S01A56620L 197,000

20 Kvernvik Carolyn S01A55231R 197,000

21 McLean John S01A56270P 197,000

22 Tarabochia Dominick S01A56600P 197,000

23 Wills Charles S01A58070V 197,000

24 Zuanich Michelle S01A568811 197,000

24 Beritich Mitchell S01A58923M 197,200

26 Barrett Davis S01A58501W 197,202

27 Marrese Andrew S01A57909W 197,202

28 Markusen Kenneth S01A55584K 198,000

29 Scudder Bradley SO1A56000N 198,000

30 Schonberg Peter S01A56601I 199,000

31 Bill David S01A58338U 199,500

32 Manos Andrew S01A59222I 199,990

33 Nugent Matthew S01A55689G 199,999

34 Hanson Jeff S01A57976 200,000

35 Johns Justna S01A55403 200,000

36 MacDonald Clifford S01A55545L 200,000

37 Olney Virginia S01A57720 200,000

38 Suydam Antril S01A57910N 200,000

39 Kohlase Ernest S01A56199V 201,500

40 Mann Bruce SO1A56187 205,000

41 Haltiner Fred S01A55617L 207,000

42 Marvin-Denkinger Victoria S01A58429X 209,000

43 Krieger Kenneth S01A59613M 209,000

44 Rocheleau Rick S01A58478 209,000

45 Menten Erik Keller S01A57726X 209,500

46 Fanning Christine S01A60909J 209,800

47 Wallace Bruce S01A55827B 214,000

48 Thorstenson Peder S01A59806J 215,000

49 Alfieri Joe S01A60791I 220,000

50 Sorensen Paige S01A58511U 223,000

51 Demmert Nicholas S01A56948W 223,875

52 Wamser William S01A60071B 224,000

53 Buschmann Ronn S01A55479D 224,500

54 Dontos Larry S01A59705K 224,900

55 Botsford Wallace S01A63175B 224,989

56 Manos Thomas S01A60642C 225,000

57 Schonberg Mart S01A56882A 225,000

58 Alfieri Anthony S01A55646M 229,000

59 Maricich Timothy S01A59569W 229,900

60 Selivanoff Douglas S01A57856A 230,000

61 Pfundt Michele S01A56392F 235,000

62 Peterman Chad S01A55986F 237,000

63 Haynes Bradley S01A574950 237,500

64 Blair Andrew S01A59085F 240,000

TOTAL 13,133,030