Saturday, April 07, 2012



As many of you already know, the NMFS voting ballots were sent out certified mail.

This is a bit more tricky for some of you who are out longlining or otherwise travelling away from home.

If your pink slip blew out of your mailbox or you have any other issues getting your voting ballot, please call Mike Sturtevant at (301)427-8782.

In all of the other buyback related mailers that went out certified, we got around 15% back, undelivered. Seems the mailman or PO's roundfile them or just collect them and you can bet that there'll be similar percentages, totalling around 50 voters, whose certified mail will end up going back to NMFS>

Remember, if you haven't received your ballot and have problems getting it done by the end of the month, contact Mike Sturtevant at (301)427-8782.



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