Monday, October 08, 2012

Kreiss-Tomkins up by 3% while Bill Thomas accused of conflict of interest

The latest poll, by Republican backers of our opponent in this race, Bill Thomas, shows our guy, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, up by 3 points

And here's some pretty amazing news as well about Kreiss-Tomkins opponent, Bill Thomas.

Petersburg Vessel Owners Association has sent a letter to Thomas asking that he refrain from interfering with in-season ADFG management, stating that Thomas has been operating with a 'conflict of interest'.

As those of you who have spent time with Bill Thomas in meetings these past several years know all too well, Mr Thomas makes no bones about his control of the ADFG budget and his willingness to use that control as a gillnetter to get what he wants and to mount threats against ADFG personnel and managers to abuse his position and unethically and, some allege, illegally achieve his goals.  But this is the first time that anyone has actually called Bill Thomas to task for this obvious and blatant conflict of interest.

At the Task Force meeting in Sitka last year he threatened ADFG managers and bullied his way through the meeting in public.

On Sitka Television, Thomas stated that he was against ADFG Chatham Strait management.

SEAS is opposing the re-election of Bill Thomas and has endorsed the candidacy of Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

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