Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kreiss-Tomkins up by 5 points

While Jonathan has been diligently going door to door with a massive personal campaign, Bill Thomas has been using his out of district, fat cat dollars to run ads about losing  (SE Lost ads) and doing polling.  This is his second GOP poll.  The one 3 weeks ago showed him behind by 3 points.  So now Bill Thomas is down by 5 points.

There is a homestretch of 13 very important days coming.

Get out there and vote.

While we don't tell you how to vote, the choices are obvious.

One candidate, Bill Thomas, lined his pockets while in office while attempting to usurp state management of the salmon resource.  He voted the pocketbook of his 1/3 of a million dollar fishing operation against sustainable management.  He is 65, retirement age, and should be shown the door.

The new kid on the block, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, has vowed to look at all sides of the issues and be fair in his dealings with ADFG.  He has alot of the energy, talent and ethics that Bill Thomas lacks.

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