Tuesday, November 13, 2012

jKT leads Bill Thomas by 7 votes

After a robust absentee effort of 1880 odd votes to add to the approximately 6000 ballots already cast in the Sitka Angoon Pelican PA Haines Hoonah POW district, Jonathan Kreiss Tomkins maintains a 7  vote lead.

Apparently there is an error in the absentee count so there is an absentee recount so this may yet change by the end of the day

SEAS wants to thank all of you seas members who voted and contributed to JKT's campaign.

Having said that we'd also like to thank Chairman Thomas for his years of service, his enormous contribution in his earlier years in office to our important hatchery reform legislation as well as hatchery and ADFG and ASMI funding throughout his 8 year tenure.

Thank you for your public service Chairman Thomas.

We won't go into it here but our past articles point out the wrong fork in the road that the Chairman took and we'll leave it at that.

Here's to a purer, fairer Representation from the newly formed district in the 23 year old, soon to be graduate from Yale, JKT


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