Saturday, March 02, 2013

Mr.Bacon retires from the PSC

Seldom would I recognize a person in leadership capacity through whom I could communicate and collaborate so that our  concurring goals and of the goals of those around us, in the commercial fishing community, become the force, the unremitting, powerful force of which could then, with strategic thinking, rational planning and intense co-mingling of forces of personalites..... that amazing place where the will of the larger, through individual connections, can become the mentor-pupil quality, the latter in which I delighted for years.   I could look at JB from the back of the room, shake my head as he spoke and we would concurrently run the room.  Peckham would take over with some finance report, budget, etc etc, but aside from the big picture, he tackled the more technical issues revolving around SEAS at the time.  JB would get on a political role, get the SEAS board believing his trip-- with Knowles alot through 2001 late.  JB wasn't perfect.  I'm not perfect.  I like JB as a great friend..  Had we better vacation planning, I believe we'd spend at least a weekend and a half out hunting mallards.

And so it is with great pleasure that I give you the career of Jim Bacon.  A career that consisted of contributions in skippering the Wavedancer( Prior to 2001, JB had the Eleanor), and seining in SEAlaska for 26 years, 19 as a skipper.  Jim served on the SEAS board from around 1989 to 2002 and as a member of the Pacific Salmon Commission, ending the final 7 years as Alternate Commissioner for Alaska for the US Department of Commerce at the request of the great State of Alaska.  Jim recently resigned at the end of 2012 after a 21 year career Alaskan diplomat, having served the state at both the great junctures

Perhaps it was after working with this magic that inspired us to work on the great issues of the day.
JB had this business like a steel trap.  He was back and forth from DC at least 7-8 times a year for about a decade and a half.

I would like to think that there are other great thinkers out there and they too are recongnizing that it's quite a different fishery from the days of his beginnings.  JB will tell ya that the Brindle family, specifically Joe if I remember his story right because this is about JB, some close friends and some good luck got JB in the game and then he balanced the skill and expertise to run a seiner for nearly 2 decades.

Jim Bacon.  Unparralled in SEAS history and in his impact to the fleet over the past 2 decades, SEAS would like to call to your attention that 8 different Gentlemen pitched in to buy JB a Lifetime  $6500 membership.

Congratulations, JB  YOU rock forever in the halls of fame at SEAS.    Right up there with Ole, Joe, John, Greg, could go on and on..... you get the picture.

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