Thursday, June 08, 2017

Potential Government Shutdown

Fishermen!! Do you and your crew have all your licenses and permits?

The Governor's Office is sending out press release after press release from all governmental agencies concerning possible impacts if a State budget is not passed by July 1. There are numerous for the fishing industry including but not limited to the following- licenses

  • Suspension of fishing loan requests
  • Issuance of licenses and permits
  • Management of Bristol Bay Sockeye fishery
  • Sampling done by the Department for Pacific Salmon Treaty
  • Sampling by the Department for North Pacific Fisheries Management Council
  • Impact to the International Pacific Halibut Commission's stock assessment program
  • Numerous DEC programs such as oil spill response 
There are too many to list... But could impact Alaskans and Fishers on several fronts. Just make sure you have all you crew licenses and permits up to date so you are able to at least fish!!!

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