Monday, July 24, 2017


Hidden Falls-
The return forecast has been upgraded to 400,000 or so chum. If sufficient broodstock is collected there may be an opening on Thursday the 27th.

DIPAC has not done any cost recovery since Tuesday the 18th at Amalga. The last Seine opening will be at 9am on the 27th. The portion of the inner bay that was open last week is expected to be open again. The line is expected to be pulled back in toward the shore and not extend to Bird and Gull Island for the final opening. There will be a personal use Red Crab fishery starting at 5am on the 27th in the area, and heavy use of the Amalga boat launch is expected. If the effort by the seine fleet is similar to last week, the smaller SHA should not be a safety or efficiency concern for the fleet. DIPAC will start Friday to clean up any excess fish at Amalga.

Neets Bay-

 The troll fishery has caught their allowed 200,000+ fish in the SHA and is now restricted to fishing in the Behm. SSRAA is half way to their cost recovery goal so needs about another 4 million pounds. They need about 200,000 fish for broodstock and have put about 50,000 over the barrier net. Neets has a long way to go before any potential rotation could occur. Numbers in the corridor fisheries don’t suggest a super, but rather an average return. 

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