Thursday, May 31, 2018

36 Bids Accepted in Buy Back

Buy Back Update

The Southeast Revitalization Association (“SRA”) Board of Directors has accepted 36 permit bids of the 37 submitted. Official notifications are going out today to all bidders. NMFS has been notified and the process to hold a referendum has been initiated. We will keep you informed of the timing of ballots and other pertinent information as it comes available. If you have questions about the process please feel free to call SEAS at 907-220-7630.

Friday, May 11, 2018

AIS Vessel Information Verification Service (VIVS)

Before you head out for the season

If you have AIS, please verify that the registration is in compliance. Apparently there have been some duplicate numbers given out that make it unclear who is broadcasting, or that your broadcasting doesn't match your registration. Although the fines for non compliance can be significant, the Coast Guard has said that all vessels who have made a good faith effort to be in compliance will receive only a warning should there be an issue. The following link outlines the web sites to visit to troubleshoot and/or identify your status.