Monday, October 29, 2018

Vote and note Walker has withdrawn from the race

VOTE WHILE YOU FISH - and be sure to check election news if you are outside the state!
Please note that the Walker - Mallott Campaign has withdrawn from the Governor's race, but will appear on the ballots as it is too late to change them. 

If you will be fishing or away from home on Tuesday November 6, make plans now to vote absentee or early.

See below for the four ways to vote absentee: 
1) in-person2) by mail3) by fax or electronic submission, and 4) through a personal representative if your are disabled.
Candidates for Alaska Governor, U.S. House, 40 State House and 10 State Senate seats, and Ballot Measure No. 1 "An act providing for the protection of wild salmon and fish and wildlife habitat" will be on the ballot for the general election.
2018 General Election Information
Sample Ballots by District  
If you will be fishing, make plans now to vote absentee or early.
There are four ways to vote absentee: 1) in-person, 2) by mail, 3) by fax or electronic submission, and 4) through a personal representative if your are disabled.  
Absentee In-Person & Early Voting
You may vote absentee in person beginning August 6, and on Election Day.  
Ballots for all of Alaska’s 40 voting districts are available at regional election offices in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and Nome and in the state’s six largest airports on Election Day.
Absentee Voting Locations & dates of availability
Absentee Voting By-Mail  - deadline October 27 for ballot request.
To cast an absentee vote by mail or electronic transmission, an application for absentee ballot must be filed in advance. Applications can be requested and turned in any time up to seven days before an election. Deadline is October 27 to request a ballot for Absentee Voting by Mail.
Absentee Voting by Mail ballot application
Absentee voting by Fax and Electronic Transmission
You may now apply for an electronic transmission ballot (beginning 15 days before each Election Day). 
By Fax: The division will send a by-fax voting packet that contains a ballot, Voter Certificate and Identification sheet and instructions to the fax number you provided. You will need a witness over age 18 and a Fax machine. 
Online: When voting through the secure online delivery system, you will need access to a computer, printer and, if returning the voted ballot through the secure online delivery system, have equipment (such as a scanner) to be able to produce a digital file (PDF, TIFF or JPG) of the completed Voter Certificate and Identification sheet.
Deadline for Requesting an electronic transmission ballot is 5:00 P.M. on August 15, the day before the Primary Election.
For voting by fax or online, download the 
Electronic Transmission Absentee Ballot Application.
Special Needs Absentee Voting through a personal representative (if you are disabled).
See Special Needs voting:
& Accessibility Assistance for Voters:
For additional help contact the Absentee and Petition Office at  or call toll free (877) 375-6508
Alaska Division of Elections Regional Elections offices
Polling Place lookup:
Important election dates for 2018:
October 22:    Early, absentee in-person, special needs, and electronic submission voting begins
October 27:    Deadline for absentee ballot applications requesting by-mail ballots to be received at Division of Elections.
November 5:  Deadline for absentee ballot applications requesting electronic transmission ballots to be received at Division of Elections.
November 6:  GENERAL ELECTION DAY - Absentee by-mail ballots must be postmarked on or before this       date, and electronic transmission ballots must be received by 8 p.m. AST
*** Polls are open on Election Day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. AST***

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Actions that pertain to SE Alaska Seiners at the BOF Work session Oct 15/16/2018

The BOF took the following actions on ACRs:

Both ACRs 1 and 2 were taken up (Tuesday, October 16th) after the hatchery presentations.

Failed, 1-6 (Morisky, yes)
Failed, 2-6 (Morisky, Huntington, yes)

Passed, 7-0 proposal will appear on a future agenda. 

Failed, 1-6 (Huntington, yes)
Board members felt that this issue was already debated over multiple proposals during the Southeast BOF cycle in January. They recognized that 2018 was an unusual spawning year, but were not interested in debating this issue out of cycle. 
Passed, 7-0 proposal will appear on a future agenda.

Important Dates-

Ketchikan is re-establishing the Fish and Game Advisory Committee to the BOF on October 25th at 6pm at the Fish & Game Conference room. If you’d like to be a member, or just have interest, please attend. I will be seeking an officer’s seat on behalf of commercial interests.

BOF Hatchery workshops will happen while the BOF is in Anchorage for other meetings, tentative date is 3/8/2019, a one day session no regulator action to take place.

BOF SE Shellfish/Finfish will be held in Ketchikan Jan 4-16 2021

Editorial note: It is obvious that hatchery production is under attack and that attack will be ongoing. I do not need to tell you how important that production is in years of low wild production, and especially this year. ACR2 would have eliminated almost all of the terminal chum production that was the only thing that SAVED the fleet this year. Also the common property harvest that intercepts these fish would also be reduced to an insignificant proportion and value from that which the fisheries has relied on. We have to step up our GAME; and that takes financial resources. If you’re not a paying member of SEAS, and you expect to have a future with your SE permit, WE need your financial support! For as long as records have been kept, about 1/3 of the fleet has paid for a political voice and the statistical work it takes to keep and advocate for your share of the enhanced production. This model cannot sustain the effort needed. We are not frivolous with your dues, and there is currently not a revenue stream to ensure our longevity, and thus your advocacy. If you are an out of state permit holder, the Gubernatorial race is such an unknown, and just got more complicated with the resignation of Lieutenant Governor Mallot. The political climate in Alaska could totally shift, and WE will need to defend our existence. Hopefully, whatever the outcome of the governors’ race, we have elected officials that understand our importance to the state’s economy. That said, there will be the largest freshman legislative delegation in Alaska after this election, than has occurred for a very long time. (I don’t keep those kinds of records, but I trust UFA Board members with their insight). We need to have the resources to meet and educate these new members. That takes money, money we do not currently have. I don’t own a permit, I just believe in the commercial fisheries (seine, gillnet, troll). I’ve spent my professional life advocating for all of the user groups. Whether you seine, gillnet, or troll; we need to have a UNITED voice to weather what is coming. Please as a Seiner step up to the plate personally and financially.


Susan Doherty , SEAS