Tuesday, June 04, 2019


This just in from ADF&G

Update on the distribution of funds for the 2016 GOA pink salmon fisheries disaster. The State has learned that the federal government is moving forward with the funds distribution process for 1) research projects related to pink salmon in the affected areas (~$3.6 million), and 2) direct payments to fishery participants (permit holders and crew ~$31.8 million) and processors (~$17.7 million) affected by the disaster. The State does not currently have the final distribution amounts or a timeline for the distribution of funds, but we are pleased that the process is moving forward and are hopeful the process details will be available soon. The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission will be administering the program and will provide implementation details.

The federal government has not yet approved the proposed direct payments to municipalities (~$2.4 million), so the State is working with Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and the federal government to identify an acceptable process for distributing disaster funds to affected municipalities.

Monday, June 03, 2019


Pink Salmon Disaster Relief Funding
Hard to stay positive when this was a 2016 declaration!

Murkowski’s office reported that OMB has approved all the disaster relief funding components with the exception of the community aspect (2.4) and that NOAA will be dispersing those funds shortly to fishermen and processors. NOAA missed the June 1st deadline, so now the agency is aiming to release the grant funding by the next cycle on July 1st. Three years into this process, what is clear is that the only consistency with federal timelines is delay.