Tuesday, July 30, 2019

2016 Pink Salmon Information

2016 Pink Salmon Disaster Update
Here are a couple informational notes about the process for fishermen and crew-
*letters should go out to fishermen any day, deadline to return applications will be October 31, 2019.
*the $ amount that is listed is for the captain and crew; the crew names, addresses and % amounts are to be filled out by the skipper. The estimated $ amount is for all.
*the $ amount is calculated on your average ex-vessel value in the years 2006, 8, 10, 12, and 14 for the area that you fished in 2016; compared to your value in 2016. If you only fished a few of those years, they will use only the years you fished for the average. If you fished a new area that qualified for funding in 2016 and had never fished it before, they will use the fleet average for that area compared to your actual in 2016.
* You have to have landed 1000 lbs. in SE, PWS, Kodiak, SA Peninsula, and Chignik in 2016 to qualify.
*You have to have had at least one landing in Yakutat and Lower Cook Inlet to qualify.
*There will be an appeals process after this first step if your situation merits special consideration, or re-evaluation.
*the funds need to be used in 4 years; unclaimed funds will most likely go to research projects.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

2016 pink salmon disaster relief funding update

This from Matt Gruening-
This is update # 7 to the disaster relief list and I am pleased to report that NOAA has approved the 2016 pink salmon disaster relief funding!! I spoke to one of our contacts in PSMFC yesterday who told me that the funding transfer itself will not occur until the end of the week, possibly early next week but it is greenlighted. At that point, we are finally to distribution!!!

Please see below email from ADF&G Deputy Commissioner Rachel Baker :

1)      NOAA has approved approximately $54 million in disaster funds spending for research and direct payments to CFEC permit holders, crew and processors. The funds will be transferred to Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission). The Commission has established a fisheries disaster web site at https://www.psmfc.org/fishery-disaster-programs. This site is the best source of information about the funds distribution process and timeline, please monitor the site for updated information.

2)      The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission will be mailing disaster funds payment applications directly to affected CFEC permit holders and processors. CFEC permit holders will be required to submit the names and addresses of each crew member on their application and Pacific States will send a separate application to those crew members. Applications must be completed and returned by the deadline to receive a payment. The application period will accommodate the summer fishing season.

3)      To help ensure that CFEC permit holder applications are mailed to the correct address, permit holders may wish to verify the current mailing address on record with CFEC: https://www.cfec.state.ak.us/plook/#permits

If a correction is needed, submit the following address change form to CFEC:

4)      We are making good progress to find a method for distributing direct payments to eligible municipalities. The Pacific States web site will be updated with information as soon as it is available.

I do know that they will also be setting up a 1-800 hotline relatively quickly as well. I would recommend checking CFEC to ensure that you have the right address on file. The application period has yet to be established and the website does not have a lot of info on it currently, but I expect it to be updated as things move along.

Monday, July 01, 2019

2016 Disaster Relief Funds

Good news, the salmon relief funds have been released by NOAA, it will take a couple days for the website to be up and running.

Matt Gruening will give an update on Wednesday when more info is available. 
If you have any questions please email Matt at matt.gruening@akleg.gov or call 465-3271