Tuesday, July 30, 2019

2016 Pink Salmon Information

2016 Pink Salmon Disaster Update
Here are a couple informational notes about the process for fishermen and crew-
*letters should go out to fishermen any day, deadline to return applications will be October 31, 2019.
*the $ amount that is listed is for the captain and crew; the crew names, addresses and % amounts are to be filled out by the skipper. The estimated $ amount is for all.
*the $ amount is calculated on your average ex-vessel value in the years 2006, 8, 10, 12, and 14 for the area that you fished in 2016; compared to your value in 2016. If you only fished a few of those years, they will use only the years you fished for the average. If you fished a new area that qualified for funding in 2016 and had never fished it before, they will use the fleet average for that area compared to your actual in 2016.
* You have to have landed 1000 lbs. in SE, PWS, Kodiak, SA Peninsula, and Chignik in 2016 to qualify.
*You have to have had at least one landing in Yakutat and Lower Cook Inlet to qualify.
*There will be an appeals process after this first step if your situation merits special consideration, or re-evaluation.
*the funds need to be used in 4 years; unclaimed funds will most likely go to research projects.

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