Wednesday, September 18, 2019

SSRAA BOD nominations and more

A seine seat on the SSRAA BOD is expiring December 2019. Dan Castle currently holds the seat and will not be seeking re-election. This term is for three years ending in December 2022. Dan has been a long-term Board member, and has acted in a leadership role for the seiners for many years. We need someone who can attend their usual four meetings a year from October through May. All expenses and board/committee fees are paid by SSRAA. Deadline for nominations are due by October 16, 2019. Election results will be certified at the December 2019 BOD meeting. 

Please talk to your fellow permit holders and submit a candidate who can commit the necessary time. This is a pivotal time for SSRAA with their financial challenges, and for the aquaculture program in general throughout the state due to political pressures. 

You can download the SSRAA application here-

Changing subjects – Disaster relief for SE, sorry it’s a joke. I thought it might be, and tried to lump the money for our purposes to use for research “we” wanted. If you are not going to bother with the paperwork to get your $300-500 including crew, can you please let me know? I am going to be working on an idea to combine unclaimed funds, to…cough … cough do some of the work the money is supposed to be targeted for. It might be a tree that will never bear fruit, but I’m an optimist! And you pay for me to chase this rabbit (wish my left knee was better!)


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